Wednesday, August 4, 2010

European Disunity

The European Union, formerly known as European Economic Community, was founded in 1957 and in fifty three years it widened up to include 27 Countries. Big debates are now taking place whether to admit or not Turkey as a member Country so narrowing the distance between Europe and Asia.

Despite these impressive numbers, the picture European citizens see every day is quite discouraging. Its Byzantine internal procedures have made EU become the most useless and expensive Institution ever. Unanimity is required to take decisions on some topics, as a matter of fact this is not democracy but paralysis, the opposite of democracy.

And all this circus is very expensive. Because there are two Headquarters, Brussels and Strasbourg, and nobody really knows why. And every single paperwork needs to be issued in two languages, English and French, when almost 100% of European citizens can understand English. And in any case the second language would be German.

So, if they are not able to agree where to settle in, how can decide what measures to take to face the crisis? The answer is simple. The European Union does not decide, it postpones. Somewhere, somebody will take care of everything. Perhaps USA, as usual.

We have a problem, but it’s definitely not Turkey.


Anonymous said...

ehi, ciao, me lo prendi un saluto in italiano?

Anonymous said...

ma certo, anzi รจ probabile che questo blog fra un po' di tempo apra anche una sezione in Italiano.